Exhibited at the Cultuurnacht Breda 2019:

Venice: The Show Must Go On!

“Venice: The Show Must Go On!” Is a Virtual Reality experience based in 2070. The player transforms into Jeremy, an American student from the east coast. He is visiting Venice with his friends. However, Jeremy’s friends are not visiting to go sightseeing. That’s why he separates from the group. This is when Jeremy finds out the city is not what it looks like…

With this project I’ve programmed the experience. To make the story as immersive as possible, we implemented VR.


  • Unity and C#
  • Visual Studio Code
  • SteamVR


  • Locomotion research
  • Experience programming
  • User testing

My process in two pictures:


In the experience, the story evolves around the user with the use of a dialogue system. The player chooses his own answers to problems. These answers have effect on the following interactions with AI and routes. This makes the experience more personal.

Cultuurnacht Exhibition

After showcasing the experience, we were invited to display Venice: The Show Must Go On at the Cultuurnacht Breda. De Cultuurnacht is a annual event at multiple locations all around Breda.